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Mid-Size Landscape


24″W x 12″T x 25.75″D


If you are looking for a landscape block that is large enough for the most demanding job, yet small enough to be handled with light-duty equipment, the Mid-size Landscape Block Form is the perfect form for you.

The Mid-Size Landscape Block looks great in residential settings. Where larger blocks tend to overwhelm the scale of a house, the Mid-Size Block looks right at home, even though the wall has the same mass as one built from our larger Landscape Blocks. Each block weighs only 560 pounds. That’s light enough to be handled with a skid-steer. Why is that important?

Landscape contractors typically do not have the heavy equipment needed to move and place larger blocks. The Mid-Size Landscape Block is small enough to handle and allows them to move up in class beyond the small blocks sold at hardware stores.

The Mid-Size Landscape Block steps back one inch on every course allowing it to lean back into the earth it is retaining. And with tapered sides, the Mid-Size Landscape Block can create curved walls with a radius as tight as six feet to the back of the block.


Block Form, Corner Block Form, Half Block Divider


Simple face, Split Face


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